We have many unique features which make us very desirable for all types of parties and events. Although we have an Irish flair and host some Irish events, our main bar area is more of a classic rock bar by day, top hits and dance music by night. We not only have the best music, we also have the best sound system in the area. Our bartenders and DJs play upbeat, fun party music every night from 9 to close – and we take requests! Make sure to check out our event schedule to see who’s performing.

SIZE: We have hosted parties and events from small groups of 10 – 20 people coming in for drinks and appetizers to over 700 people for food and drinks.

BAR: Our bar is a turn of the century (1900’s) “double horseshoe” oak bar decorated with ceiling tins. With hardwood floors throughout, there is an Old World charm not found in many bars.

GAMES: Looking for something to do? We have games everywhere. BuBs’ has darts, foosball, pool, golden tee and numerous other games.

RATES: BuBs offers a complete menu as well as a party menu. We can do any entree, appetizer and unlike most places, we even allow you to rent our rooms separately. Our typical appetizer party runs $10 – $15 / person and our typical buffet party with two entrees will run $11 – $17 / person. On a budget? Ask about our pizza and appetizer parties. Depending upon the event, our rooms rent from $50 – $250 and we have been known to make deals with “fundraising” groups. In some cases, there may not be a charge to reserve an area.

EVENT TYPES: We regularly host reunions, weddings, anniversaries, bands, bachelorette parties, fundraisers, company outings & meetings, birthday parties and even use our rooms for “casting calls.” We have TVs with sports on all the time… book a Packer, Brewer, Bucks or Badger game party. Want to book a party to see a particular band? Check out our Event Calendar and let us know which band you want to see. Run your event past us… we will always figure out a way to have your event at BuBs. Call us or use our website’s contact form for additional information.

Party at the World’s Largest Irish Pub located in Germantown, Wisconsin! Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, any occasion including weddings, anniversaries, reunions, showers, little league gatherings and other celebrations are great at BuBs Irish Pub.


Our rates vary depending upon the space, the day, the time and the event.  Our standard rates are $50 for Guinness SNUG and Smithwick’s Bar on weekends.  Our Irish Festival Hall rents for $250 on Friday & Saturdays, a little less on Sundays and weekdays.


For additional details, call Scott at 414-737-5866 for details and pricing.

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