(Includes Main Bar, Guinness Snug, Smithwick’s Bar & Main Stage Area)

BuBs Irish Pub is available for large receptions and events for groups up to 550 people. We have a dozen big screen TV’s, complete professional “Clearwing” sound system and light show, 4 professional Diamond pool tables, darts, golden tee golf and 3-4 fully stocked bars.


We cater our own events, are known as “The Live Music Venue” in the Milwaukee Area, and are used to servicing large groups. Run your idea by us and we will make your event happen.

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    About Us

    This Historic Site... 115 Years And Counting

    Bub's Irish Pub

    Where you are treated as our friends

    The first question we are asked is… “Who is BuB?” The short answer is that there is no BuB. The story goes like this…

    In the 1990’s I was spending most of my free time with my kids whom were Irish Dancers with the Trinity Irish Dancers. They would compete in feis’s, fests, competitions and shows. The fathers of the dancers would spend a lot of time together waiting for the kids to dance. The group of dads became good friends, created fund raising activities and even created some “dad” events like golf outings and checking out some of the local Irish Pubs for a pint or two. One night, one of the guys said, “We need a name for our group.” Several dads said they were heading over to Ireland soon and would come up with a name.

    In the spring of 1999, a group of fathers of the Trinity Irish Dancers went to the World Championships of Irish Dance. They checked in to their hotels, got settled and decided to check out a local pub across the street. As lore has it, they walked in to the pub, sat down on their stools and the woman bartender said, “What’ll you have… Bub?” The guys looked at each other and one of them said, “That’s it, we’re going to be Bubs!”

    They were treated as we treat our friends, our buddies or our pals. In that single moment, they brought back a part of Ireland to America and we are carrying on that spirit. The Bubs have continued their traditions. They volunteer, host fundraisers, have golf events and yes, still get together to hoist a pint or two a local Irish Pubs. In 2003, we asked “The Bubs” for permission to use their name for our new Irish Pub theme. They said, “As long as you have Guinness on tap, you can use the name.”

    This Historic Site… 115 Years And Counting

    This historic site has been “THE PLACE” to go in the area since the late 1890’s. Originally a Dance Hall and Saloon, bowling was added in the early 1900’s and the banquet hall was added in the 1940’s. The history includes business names like The Town Bowl, The Rose – Ed, & Reuter’s Germantown Bowl.

    In 1997 we bought the building, opened as The Cactus Cantina & Desert Bowl and have been evolving the space ever since. We are honored to be the stewards of this great place and carry on the tradition of being “THE PLACE” to go… even today, 115 years later and counting.

    • Location Bub's Irish Pub N116W16218 Main St Germantown, WI 53022
    • Call Us (262) 255-1840
    • Book a Party (414) 737-5866
    • Email [email protected]
    • Kelli is as smooth as Tennessee whiskey 👌

      mike hebel Avatar mike hebel
      March 23, 2024

      Comedy show was great, plan on attending next month.

      Brad Chaloupka Avatar Brad Chaloupka
      March 20, 2024

      Love this place....We had 2 Baked Cod dinners with Caramel Sw Tato Fries...yum awesome

      Karen Kirkpatrick Avatar Karen Kirkpatrick
      March 18, 2024

      Great place and great people !! Love the bands you bring in!!

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      Steve Pecha Avatar Steve Pecha
      March 17, 2024
    • Heather is one of my favorite bartenders bc she keeps the temperature just right…I never am shivering when she’s working!! Zippy has one of the best playlist! Matt is aiiiighttt 😜 Tricia is TOP TIER the best bartender they got(besides heather bc she cranks the heat) and anyone I missed YOU AIGHT!!!

      Michaeleen Kubash Avatar Michaeleen Kubash
      February 24, 2024

      Great bar with a nice selection of plates to share that I and a group sample a number of during an after work get together. Service was prompt and they checked in enough to keep drinks flowing and the table cleared as we finished dishes but we're not overbearing.

      Joe Schmidt Avatar Joe Schmidt
      February 24, 2024

      Great bar for bands and a good time

      Rudy Czechan Avatar Rudy Czechan
      December 31, 2023

      Bub’s definitely has a reputation in Germantown. Some people like it and some people don’t. I may be biased because I’m a regular here but I really enjoy Bub’s. I go here religiously on Friday for their fish fry. The baked cod is the best that I’ve found locally for the price. Kelsie and Jessica are both great bartenders. (They are usually there on Fridays when I go.) I really enjoy their service when I’m dining and drinking. Anytime that I’m off of work on Friday I’ll be eating the fish fry here.

      Matt Fales Avatar Matt Fales
      December 25, 2023
    • Wonderful venue

      artbyterra Avatar artbyterra
      December 18, 2023

      Great hangout. Friendly staff.

      Sheldon Spence Avatar Sheldon Spence
      December 11, 2023

      Service was excellent, very friendly and timely. Menu is typical bar food with a few twists, I had the corned beef burger( a burger with corned beef on it) it was excellent! Plenty of very tender and flavorful corned beef.

      Erik Saynisch Avatar Erik Saynisch
      December 1, 2023

      A nice place to sit down and have a drink and a snack......would go again

      Jeff Cook Avatar Jeff Cook
      December 1, 2023
    • Always a good time at bubs. I’ve been here for multiple live concerts/bands, events and just regular nights out and the staff is always great.

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      Danii K Avatar Danii K
      December 1, 2023

      They were busy but the service was great and we enjoyed our food. Will come again. 😴

      Kelley Kling Avatar Kelley Kling
      November 16, 2023

      Excellent fish fry!

      Russ Johnson Avatar Russ Johnson
      November 15, 2023

      Good music and drinks.

      Miss K. Mazari Avatar Miss K. Mazari
      November 1, 2023
    • Good music and drinks.

      Karina Mazari Avatar Karina Mazari
      October 28, 2023

      Had a fantastic waitress, super friendly, upbeat and attractive! Food was hot and delicious!! Would go back again for sure!!

      Ginny McGowan Avatar Ginny McGowan
      October 28, 2023

      I was there 2 days ago for a wedding and everything was great.

      Bob P Avatar Bob P
      October 18, 2023

      Love the music band and bar is very decent. Fun atmosphere and great service! Will be back next weekend.

      Rima H Avatar Rima H
      October 18, 2023
    • classic Irish pub

      Glenn Ottenbacher Avatar Glenn Ottenbacher
      October 18, 2023

      Always a great time

      Rodney Delcore Avatar Rodney Delcore
      October 18, 2023

      Had our daughters wedding shower there today. They are always so accomodating. Very wonderful staff ready to help in anyway possible.

      Maureen Ramsey Avatar Maureen Ramsey
      August 11, 2023

      First time there! Had a lot of fun and met new people. Power was out everywhere in town except Bubs due to bad storms.

      Amanda Beckley Avatar Amanda Beckley
      August 4, 2023
    • The pizza was good.

      Gary Mattson Avatar Gary Mattson
      July 28, 2023

      Bubs is a great bar and entertainment venue located in a very "small town" location. I don't get to stop in often, but have always enjoyed it when I do. It has a really comfortable and rustic feel to it, has very good food, friendly servers and live entertainment with a decent sized stage. They also have multiple pool tables, darts, and those machines my wife likes to throw money in. Give it a try sometime, there's a lot to like.

      Scott Steinpas Avatar Scott Steinpas
      July 28, 2023

      Medved is the best!

      Tanner Zingsheim Avatar Tanner Zingsheim
      July 18, 2023

      Casual & caring staff. Great owners!

      Jim Blaisdale Avatar Jim Blaisdale
      July 18, 2023
    • The ribs were sime if the best I have ever had. The old fashion, not so much.

      Tom C. Krejcie Avatar Tom C. Krejcie
      June 18, 2023

      I ADORE Bub's!! Brandon is a breeze to work with when it comes to coordinating events. I love DJing and dancing here. Matt takes such great care of me, knows my drink by heart, & even comes to find me before the kitchen closes to see if I want to order food, because he knows I get busy and lose track of time. That's excellent service! Redd LeRoy Ring Tunes Wedding & Event DJ

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      Redd Leroy Avatar Redd Leroy
      June 18, 2023

      Great place to hang out with friends

      Kevin Mangan Avatar Kevin Mangan
      May 18, 2023

      Had a fish fry in between jobs. I heard it was very good but maybe it was because I got a to-go, but Ive had better. No offense the atmosphere is great staff was friendly. I'd like to try again & be able to stay and eat at Bub's!

      Dianne Kreutzer Avatar Dianne Kreutzer
      May 18, 2023
    • This place is awesome all the way around!! Great location, service and overall experience!!

      Jeremiah Wulf Avatar Jeremiah Wulf
      April 18, 2023

      It's a great place to hang out with the guys after work. The Thursday ribs are great! I actually met my wife there 14 years ago!

      Neill Nettesheim Avatar Neill Nettesheim
      April 18, 2023

      Pool hall is nice

      Simply Something Avatar Simply Something
      March 18, 2023

      best Germantown spot 100%

      Christie Peterson Avatar Christie Peterson
      March 18, 2023
    • Pool hall is nice

      Tyler Aldrian Avatar Tyler Aldrian
      March 18, 2023

      A good place to go to see a Live band

      Jerry Valley Avatar Jerry Valley
      March 18, 2023

      Bubs is a very nice establishment and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful! If you are looking for an Irish Pub in the Germantown area, look no further!

      Skyler A Avatar Skyler A
      February 26, 2023

      Can't say enough good things about this place. Always great service and great people in there. My girlfriend and I love it so much that we've made it a semi-regular thing to go here and play pool together. keep up the awesome job!

      Nick Hart Avatar Nick Hart
      February 18, 2023